Dear Client,

This website has been created to ensure easier and better contact with our clients. We also wanted to avoid any unnecessary loss of energy and time on your part while trying to contact an attorney and/or gather information necessary for efficient representation.
Our area of practice is primarily based on representing local and foreign legal and natural persons in the areas of civil, commercial and labour law.
We put special emphasis on representing the rights and interests of our clients in land regulation proceedings, sales and purchase agreements negotiations and we provide help in devising sales and purchase contracts and settling unresolved property-legal relations.

Our law office manages legal issues related to the following branches of law:

Professionalism and experience of our Law office are based on the continuous improvement in above mentioned judicial areas.

Our law office provides legal services to clients at the entire area of Dalmatia from Zadar to Dubrovnik.

Kind regards,
Hrvoje Tokić, lawyer